Most of the women at StrongGirl Revolution came to us because they felt lost and intimidated at their local gym. They came here because they could get stronger and create a healthy change in their lives and feel safe.

We look at your you as a whole. We look at your past exercise and diet. We look at your movement patterns. Looking at you as a whole, we can start you where you are and progress you safely and on your body's terms.



All training sessions are semi-private and are about 1 hour.

One (1) Session/Week:  $140/month

Two (2) Sessions/Week:  $240/month

Three (3) Sessions/Week: $300/month



Mon - Thu: 8am - 12n, 4pm - 8pm

Fri: 8am - 12n

Sat: 8am - 12n

New class!


Morning Metabolic Mania!

Every Tuesday & Thursday 6am

This is a ½ hour class designed to wake you up, kick your ass, and leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day.

Email for more information.


Try a Personal Training session FREE with no obligation!

Try a StrongGirl Revolution training session completely FREE with no pressure and no obligation.  

During this session, you will go through a workout designed to assess your strengths, range of motion and flexibility.  There is no pass or fail here and no need to feel intimidated.  This workout is meant to assess your current fitness condition in order to create a program specific to YOU.  We will also go over your goals and how you can reach them.

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