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All training at StrongGirl Revolution is semi-private, meaning I train up to 3 women per one hour session. Semi-private training helps foster a community atmosphere. Everyone pushes each other and makes each other stronger. Plus, it's just a lot more fun and there are way more laughs.

I focus on strength training to build our muscles and begin to get those metabolic fuels burning. I take each woman at their fitness level and progress her as she learns to move better. I don't throw exercises and weights at my clients and expect them to just do moves or weights they aren't ready for. That is a recipe for injury. I want all of my women to move better and be injury free.


For those who want to include healthy eating into their lives, we have a Nutrition Group that meets twice/month. Clients can ask questions and support each other as they learn how to make better food choices and navigate social situations.

I do not adhere to any specific diet plan. I believe in diets that are sustainable for the long haul. Eating fresh, whole, nutrient dense foods instead packaged foods is a must! I also don't believe in deprivation. We need to learn how to eat the right foods to keep us healthy, but still have some fun once in a while. Seriously, what is life without some dessert and a glass of Cabernet once in a while?