Motivation is Bullsh*t

Who says you need to wait until you ‘feel like’ doing something in order to start doing it?
— Oliver Burkman, author of The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking

How many times have you thought you should workout, but you just couldn't get motivated to do it? Or were motivated to start a workout program tomorrow, but when tomorrow came that motivation was gone with Mr. Sandman?

We are always waiting for that magical breeze of motivation to blow in before we take action. Like waiting for a nice cool breeze on a hot summer day, that breeze doesn't always blow in, and if it does, it usually blows right on by.

Yes, motivation is some fleeting bullish*t, my friend. It's there...and then it's gone. What the flagnod can we do if we can't rely on motivation? Here are a 5 ways to get yourselves moving.

     1. SUCK IT UP AND GET MOVING!  Okay. I know that's harsh, but it's true. Think about it for a minute. We really don't feel like getting up at the crack of dawn to fight traffic and go to work for 8 or more hours each day, right? But we suck it up and do it. Why not just suck it up and get your workout done? Even as a trainer, I have many times when I just don't feel like working out. I just suck it up and get moving. Once you are done your workout, you'll feel so much better, and be glad that you did it. 

     2. LOOK AT THE WORKOUT AS A PRIVILEGE.  Too often we look at working out as a punishment for past behaviors. That is soooo not the case! We are human beings with bodies that can do amazing things! We were built to move! Somewhere along the way we lost sight of that. Movement is a privilege. When we stop moving, it's really hard to start again, but it's not impossible! Get up off that couch, and honor and love that body of yours with movement!

     3. MAKE YOUR WORKOUTS A PRIORITY.  None of us feels like going to the dentist or the doctor for routine check ups, but we do it because we make it a priority. Why not apply that to your workouts? Make them a priority, as well? When you make them a priority, you essentially are making YOU a priority. Why shouldn't you be a priority in your own life? Schedule your workouts in your calendar, just as you would any other appointment, and stick to it!

     4. HAVE A PLAN.  Nothing can derail a workout like not having a plan of attack. How often have you walked into the gym, looked around and thought "Ok, now what?" Keep a workout journal in a small notebook. Write down a few things to do before you get to the gym, that way you'll have a game plan. Also, keeping a journal can give you some accountability because now you can see how often or how little you are getting your workouts in. 

     5. ASK FOR HELP.  If you really have trouble getting yourself moving, try asking for help. Ask a trainer for a few training sessions. You'll get someone else to think of workouts for you, and maybe discover some new exercises, which can breathe excitement into anyone's workout! You can also enlist a friend or family member to workout with you. Workouts are always waay more fun with a partner.

The next time motivation blows past you, try some of these strategies to help you get moving. Your mind and body will thank you!



Nancy SherComment