Forgiving the Cowardly Lion

I hosted my first ever fitness and nutrition workshop today with a friend and fellow trainer, Michele. We only had about 13 people there, but I call it a SUCCESS! It's a success because I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke to a group of mostly strangers. They listened, asked questions, and laughed when I made a little joke. I would not have been able to do this a year ago. I was more like the Cowardly Lion. Michele helped me. She was a champion for me; an inspiration for me; a shoulder to lean on.

Michele is amazing at finding the deeper meaning in her clients' motivation for training. She listens and is able to hone in on the words that give true feelings away; the words that most people miss. She is a natural life coach.

Today Michele spoke about forgiving vs. living in a state of blame. She spoke about how living without forgiveness can weigh on us, not only emotionally, but also physically.  We carry that weight in body weight, gastric and digestive issues, or a combination of both. In order to move forward we need to let go of the blame and the anger, and FORGIVE.

For me, that was forgiving myself for not being perfect, for being a scaredy cat, for living in constant self doubt.  I wrote about my self doubt and awakening in one of my first blogs entitled "The Obstacle is the Path".

Now I know I my debut into the realm of workshops and public speaking was less than stellar, but I'm ok with that. The fact that I did it is a win. No longer is self doubt keeping me back. It's okay that I felt a bit uneasy. It's okay that I wasn't Miss Eloquence and stumbled here and there. I forgive myself for not being perfect. Rather, I feel it was a success because I took a chance and put myself out there to the world (or the room of 13 women). I can only get better from here, and I will.

A little homework assignment for you: What ever is holding you back from success, release it. Forgive yourself, forgive someone else. It won't take a day, a week, or maybe even a year. Just continue to work on forgiving until you feel the weight being lifted.

;) Nancy

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