My Top 10 Finds of 2015

As 2015 winds down, we are beginning to see Top 10's of the year. The Top 10 songs. The Top 10 news events. The Top 10 movies. On and on and on. 

Well, I decided to get into the Top 10 gig! Here are my Top 10 finds of 2015. I must note that I do not receive any kickbacks from any of the companies. They have no idea I even exist. I just wanted to let y'all know about these fantastic companies and products.

10. Ring Cozy

This is really cool product. If you wear rings to the gym, you know how they can get scratched up from the bars and kettlebells. For some of us, the rings just feel so awkward when lifting. Enter the ring cozy! These cozies slip over the rings to protect the rings and your fingers. Click here to check them out!

9. Onnit

I'm not one to promote supplements, but I tried several of their products and really like them. They don't just do supplements. They also have kick-ass monster and zombie kettlebells, cool clothing, and more. Check out their website.

8. Fashletics

I can't remember how I actually found out about this company, but I'm glad I did. They sell jewelry and tee's geared toward the woman who lifts. They are based out of Miami, FL and was started by a woman named Sarah Wilson. Check out her story here and check out Fashletics clothing and jewelry at the Fashletics website.

7. Rise bars

These bars are so good! There are only a few ingredients in each bar and 16g-20g of protein. My fave is the honey almond, which only has 5 ingredients! You can check out their website here, or find them at Whole Foods or


6. Steve's Paleo

Well, I've known of this company for a few years now, but they have some great products that I just had to share it with you all. They have everything from bars to dried fruit to ketchup! My favorite product of theirs is the steak sauce. I get rave reviews when I marinade my steaks in the sauce. The best part of Steve's Paleo is they are local! Steve Liberati and his company are located in Pennsauken, NJ. Steve's Paleo gives 15% of all proceeds to help at risk kids. Read about Steve's amazing story here. To check out more about Steve's Paleo, go to

5. Project X tees

I discovered Project X tees after seeing Neghar Fonooni (fitness blogger) wearing one. They are a California company specializing in tees for the weight lifter. Most of the tees have CrossFit themes, but they are still totally cool even if you don't CrossFit. After all, how can you not like Wonder Woman snatching a kettlebell or Princess Leia getting busy on the rings?! I have a couple of their tees and get comments about how awesome they are each time I wear one. Check them out at Oh! And they ship their tees out really quickly!

4. Onzie

We all wear yoga pants. Being a trainer, I practically live in them! I found this California company in the winter and bought a pair of their funky patterned pants. These are THE most comfortable pants I own! They also sell bras and tees just as funky, so it's easy to express yourself when you practice yoga or workout. They aren't cheap, but they are definitely not as expensive as Lululemon! Check them out here.

3. Primal Pit Paste

I've tried many natural deodorants, and they all suck. My pits end up smelling just as bad as not wearing anything at all. Who wants that? One day I was given a sample of Primal Pit Paste. Lo and behold, it worked! I now refuse to buy any other deodorant. 

One day while at Whole Foods, I was so excited to find they carried Primal Pit Paste! But Primal Pit Paste has other products from bath products to toothpaste, so you may want to check out their website to see their other naturally superior products. You can also read their story here.

2. Cracked Nut Butter

My son and I just call this crack. Cracked Nut Butter comes in several flavors, but Jeremy and I LOVE the Brownie Batter. A jar of this stuff doesn't last in our house. It takes all of me to not just sit down in front of the TV and eat it right out of the jar. My friends from high school can attest to me making brownie batter just to sit down and eat it from the bowl! My favorite way to enjoy Cracked Nut Butter is to dip apple slices in it, but you can find your own way to enjoy! 

You might be able to find Cracked Nut Butter at several GNC stores. If not, check out their website.

And my #1 find of 2015...(drum roll please...)...

1. The Recipe Hacker

Okay. So this one I discovered last year. BUT, it was at the end of last year, and I didn't have a blog for a Top 10, so I'm including it here. 

This is hands down my FAVORITE recipe book! Everything I've made from the recipes are delish. If you want to try going paleo, or just want to incorporate a bit of paleo into your life, you NEED this book! Because I follow Diana Keuilian, I was offered the book for free & jumped on it. I haven't been disappointed yet.

If you'd like to try this cookbook, you can get it from the website,, or For more recipes and blogs by Diana, check out her website

So there you have it, my Top 10 favorite finds of 2015 (well, a couple from 2014). Try some of these great products and tell me what you think! 



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