Why I Left Social Media

Well, I didn't leave it for good. I just left for a couple of months.

You see, in early June my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which had also metastasized to her brain. Hearing the doctor say those words knocked the wind out of me and my heart just sank. After the shock wore off, I went into the strong caretaker mode. Is there a time frame we need to worry about? What are the next steps? Chemo? Radiation? Does my mom even want treatments? How will my sister and I split the care for my mom? 

I thought I was handling everything well. I drove my mom to most of her radiation, chemo,  and doctor appointments. I thought that would be best, since my sister is single and needs to work. I have a husband and work from home. 

I didn't realize just how all of this was affecting me. I seemed to be fine, but soon found myself a bit disconnected from my family and lacking any motivation for working out, writing, or doing anything. I tried to keep up with business stuff, but found myself needing to cancel clients more than I liked (thank goodness I have great understanding clients!). Any posts on Facebook and blog ideas fell by the wayside. My focus was on my mom. 

When I did go on my personal Facebook page, I found myself annoyed by people who overshare, post negativity, cryptically and forthright. Even the positive posts began to bug me! I didn't want to hear their motivations and happiness. I began to be filled with stress and toxicity. I finally made the decision to avoid social media for a while. 

Some interesting things began to happen. I began to connect to my kids more. I was able to really listen to them when they talked. I didn't have one ear on them and one eye on the computer or my phone. I began to see what I needed to do to heal. I began reading a couple of books that were just as much about business as they were about creating a life where you can live in the now and be engaged with your loved ones as well as yourself. Soon the clouds began to lift and I could breathe a little easier. I even found myself appreciating my husband more. 

Social media can be intoxicating. It seems great to be able to reconnect with people from the past and far away family members. Actually, that is the great part of social media!

The problem arises when we become too invested in social media that we share every part of our lives, feel the need to check everyone's statuses several times a day, and basically live through social media instead of living in the real world. 

I'm slowly working my way back to social media. This time I am using it to learn more about writing and training than to check in on my friends' statuses. In fact, that personal page may go away. 

Try taking a break from the constant barrage of social media and see how it can positively affect your life. Comment below to let me know!

Nancy SherComment