The Day I Was Humbled

That was me.  Unable to squat to parallel.  My right knee was shot due to a deficient ACL, no cartilage and the arthritis of an 80 year old.  I loved to squat, but my knee would wobble and put the brakes on several degrees above parallel.

But that all has changed.  Last year I had a total knee replacement, which was one of the best things I have ever done!  Back pain - gone!  Knee pain - gone!  Wobbly knee - gone!  Limping - gone!  Thank you Dr. Schoifet! 

So the other day when I went to do a front squat, I realized throwing on the amount of weight I usually would didn't allow me to get to parallel.  I stepped back from my ego for a minute to tell myself I need to train the proper movement to get the proper results.

I preach form and technique with all of my clients.  We work hard to correct form and train the correct movement patterns.  If you train poor movement patterns, you will get poor movement patterns.  Those poor movement patterns can lead to injury, which can happen now or later on down the road.  Don't forget, if you train without the correct technique, you won't get the results you want. 

As a trainer in a commercial gym, I see sooo many people train poorly.  Their form and technique is off, sometimes waaaay off.  Sometimes they even do strange exercises that I have never seen before, but that's a blog for another day.  But I couldn't help but post one of my favorite videos of strange exercises.

I love watching that guy boogie down with the cables!  But anyhoo... back to the subject at hand...

I take pride in my own workouts and make sure I am doing the movements correctly.  For some reason I wasn't realizing that my squats are better post-op than before surgery.  So as I stepped back, the humbling began.  I only put 5 lb plates on either side of the bar and did 2 sets of 8 deep reps and one set of 6 deep reps - and they weren't easy!  Let me tell you, the next day I felt muscles in my legs that I haven't felt in a looonngg time!  Every time I moved, I cursed myself, the same way I used to curse my trainer, Gerry, and the same way, I'm sure, my clients curse me!

Now I force myself to progress just enough to allow me to squat deep.  If I can't get that squat deep and in perfect form, I am using too much weight and I need to humble myself again.

Here is where I as going to show you a video of me performing the barbell front squat, but I couldn't get my Samsung phone to connect with Kies on my Mac computer.  Grrr!  Instead, I will show you one of my fave Strong Girls, Molly Galbraith, front squat 205 lbs.

Strong and not bulky!!  You rock, Molly!

I promise I will post the video of my front squat (doesn't compare to Molly at all!), as soon as I can upload it to my computer.  Again, GRRRR!!!

For now, work on your form and technique.  You will get great results and save yourself from injury.  ;)

Stay strong, girls!



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