"The Obstacle is the Path"

*This blog post originally appeared on March 26, 2014 in my Strong Curves blog on WordPress.


Blogging is a new venture for me.  I tried to blog a couple of times within the past few years, but seemed to lack inspiration.  I was unsure of what my voice was in this fitness industry.

That wasn't the only reason I quit my old blogs.  Fear played a big role.

As I continue to work on this Strong Curves blog, I am confronted with all of my fears.  What if what I say is wrong or a bit off base?  What if my grammar is poor?  What if people bash me?  Oh God - I have to do videos and post pictures of myself!

The fear of really putting myself out there has kept me from many successes in life.

On a recent day of severe frustration at work, I opened my inbox only to find an email from Martin Rooney, renowned sports and conditioning specialist and mastermind of Training For Warriors.  It wasn't a personal email, of course.  It was a mass email, since I signed up for them.  The heading said "The Obstacle is the Path".  This was not what I wanted to see.  I was hoping for headlines of sales and other mindless nonsense.  But it was what I needed to see.

As I read the email, I began to realize that all of the obstacles in front of me were put there by ME.  The main theme of those obstacles was FEAR: fear of making a mistake; fear of saying the wrong thing; fear of not knowing enough; fear of looking bad; fear of becoming a success because then what would I have to complain about?

I spent the next few days digesting the idea that I truly created these obstacles.  How was I going to move them became the next question.  The only answer was to stand tall, put myself out there and let my voice develop and be heard.  The background is necessary, but not where I need to be.

Thank you, Martin Rooney, for sending the message I needed to hear.  The obstacle truly is my path.

What is your obstacle?  How can you overcome it to be on the path to being the person and the success you wish to be?

Nancy  ;)

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