Is Middle Age Really That Bad?

I grew up in a family that looked at aging as something to dread.  My grandmom lamented her age since before I was born and was preparing to die for 30-40 years before she actually passed.  When my mom turned 40, she sat in the corner of her bedroom and cried over officially being "middle age".  For the 10 years that followed, her mantra became "50 and out!"  She is now 72 years old and is still here, although she is following in her mother's footsteps.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 45.  Unlike my mom and grandmom, I don't look at my age as something to be sad about.  When I turned 40, I couldn't understand what was so awful.  Sure I had a few lines on my face and my joints felt a little more stiff, but life certainly wasn't over.  I credit strength training with allowing me to hold a healthy view on my own aging.

I have always made health and fitness a priority.  My motivation has changed from one of being skinny to now striving for strength.  As we age, we lose muscle due to hormonal changes.  Strength training allows me to keep more muscle and I like muscle.  Besides, there is nothing like deadlifting more than your own bodyweight. When you feel strong, you feel empowered and begin to understand that age isn't that big of a deal.

Nancy SherComment